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Oh! Hello

I am delighted to find I can still access LJ after many years absence. I was afraid I had lost all those old memories. I don't think any of my friends still use LJ but I may anyway.
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Healthcare, Insurance, and extreme sadness

I have not been to a doctor except when I broke my ankle for over ten years. This yesr my employer,Hennepin County,
has finally given us a less expensive more restrictive choice for healthcare insurance coverance. I decided I should finally get the ordinary yearly health check with attendant lab checks before I elected my future coverage, so I scheduled the same with a doctor whom I had had before earlier coverage changes and whom I thought I could trust.

I am so ashamed that I did so. I am pretty much sure that I am healthy, but now I have cost my employer and my co-workers almost $1000 for a check on a woman who is not ill.

I do not blame the lab techs or all other techs for this. They were very professional. They did what they were ordered to do.

If I had known that a annual checkup would cost over $800 I never would have done it. I also predicted that they whould ask me to do a second breast exam. I have had the same result forever. My right breast has always showed the same anomaly. It's just fine! And WTF is an ultrasound?

Bad enough but now my doctor wants to give me prescription drugs. My bad cholestrol has been high since my twenties. My good is good. Given half a chance I would live on cheese and bacon. I know I should not, I know how to change and I do not need medication to make a change.

Also my vitamin D is low,low,low. So send me to the equator! I might consider taking vitamin D, but you what to put me on something stronger which is a prescription whose name I cannot even pronounce.

I am going to elect the cheapest coverage. I have great sympathy for people who have the need for coverage due to health issues. I hope the Affordable Healthcare Plan will be the cure.

My issue is this: We do not have a healthcare plan in the USA, we have a health insurance plan. When we failed to get single payer coverage we left the private insurance industry with the power to dictate the future of health coverage They seem to be doing a really good job. Denials 'cause they can.

Also, those of us who are healthy need to stop buying into the preventative is best mantra. If each of us elects to get the suggested preventive care every year at a cost of nearly $1000 our group coverage will continue to be not only a burden to us but also a burden to our taxpayers. I'm going back to the days of my childhood: go to the doctor when you are sick.

I hereby apologize to Hennepin County taxpayers. I am so sorry I wasted your dollars. I shoild have just stuck with my own analysis of my health.

And the whole thing has made me sick and depressed and very very angry.
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Thoughts on age and responsibility

I've been hearing a lot of panic regarding Social Security and Medicare of late. I get repeated emails from progressive sites, and I get countless mailings from senior specific concerns such as AARP.

I am 64 years old. I am less than one year from the accepted retirement age. I am a working adult making around 40,000 per year. I am also financially helping someone who has been hit much harder by the current economic situation than I have.

Given the current econimic situation in our country, I have decided that I will coninue working as long as I am productive and an asset to my employer. I consider delaying my dip in the pool my responsibility to the country I love which is struggling to support those less able to work. If I never receive my SocialSecurity benefits - so be it. My mother got hers. Our family has all ready profitted from the system.

However, few people are in the position I find myself.

The promise must be kept.

I would call on everyone in my situation to do everything in your power to use as little of your entitlement as you can to save us, to take care of our brothers and sisters who need this support, to show our representatives that we are serious about both fixing the deficit and fullfilling our commitments to those in need and shaming the very rich. Oh, forget that last. It may be a lost cause.

Finally, remember: The problem is not Social Security. The problem is partially Medicare due to some unfortunate issues. The problem is mostly the cost of medical care due to the so called free market.
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I have just seen the most amazing apartment in the whole wide world. It is right here in my beloved Historic Mansion at 1818 LaSalle. If any one out there can afford $1500 a month, this would be your dream place. Beyond gorgeous!!
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This morning I tried to go to work at Hennepin County. I had my current supervisor's approval to work on the President's Day holiday, thus deferring it. However, when I arrived at the Government Center at 6:55 I found that the restriction that my former supervisor had placed upon my access card prevented me from entering the elevator and my floor. My co-worker, who has been employed for less than 6 months was able to use the elevator and work.
This has made me extremely angry and reinforced my feeling that when our community services department was combined with the economic assistance department, we became second class citizens. My three co-workers are paid less than all the other receivable account clerks on our floor. New clerks have been hired at a level 1/2 step above that currently held by my three co-workers. They are doing essentially the same job as we held several years ago. When I heard the job description first described, I approached my former supervisor who came from Economic assistance and indicated that I would encourage my co-workers to apply. She coldly stated that we were not good at the job.
Billing for Mental Health services is not easy. We were successful in billing DHS, however many services were transferred to HMO's during our tenure. The HMO's demanded enrollment of physicians, preauthorizations etc. for which our clinics were not familiar. We did our best and worked with the clinics to come up to speed and do not feel that our former supervisor's assessment is fair.
We are now told we are, due to ROWE, trusted to work where and when we find it most affective. Why can I not believe this?
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in absencia

Since I have been silent on LJ, changes have been made. I have moved again and hopefully have a permanent address for the first time in over a year-fingers not yet uncrossed. I find myself in an unbelievably awesome apartment in a mansion on Lasalle Ave. which is on the National Historical Register. My rent includes all utilities including basic cable and wireless internet and access to an exercise room and two beautiful common areas within the "Chateau".

I also find myself, although outside my favorite Whittier neighborhood, still in ward 6 - now in the Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood (small area, high density).

I'm now testing my internet connection which seems just fine. I was unconnected for a time thinking I would install additional memory which I had purchased to my Mac before reconnecting, but found I could not remove the panel I needed to remove in order to install. Stupid simple mechanical! Screw spinning, no disconnect. Suggestions welcomed....Hell, needed. I was so ready to do all the IT stuff only to find I'm too stupid to even to the mechanics! I need to install extra memory so I can install Snow Leopard & Magic Mouse. FRUSTRATED!!!!
Oh, and being disconnected, I apologize if I missed responding to anything sent my way.
End of bad stuff.

Continuing Good Stuff: My employer is embracing ROWE (results only work environment) which means that I will be able to work flexible hours and, if the connection/speed is sufficient, from home. Since I'm in no position to retire soon, this makes me very happy. Change=Good.

And the Iowa Hawkeyes just won the Orange Bowl!! 2010? So far, so good.
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Future Classics

For the second year I have been totally delighted by the "Future Classics" concert. This is the concert featuring new compositions by young composers chosen to collaborate with our Minnesota Orchestra through a fairly rigorous competition. This concert lets the audience not only hear some exciting new music, but also meet the composers and hear from them about their inspirations and other details re their compositions. This has become one of my favorite events. You can stream the concert starting the Monday after Thanksgiving on MPR's classical website.
There were some empty seats tonight. If you love music, this is definitely a yearly concert you might want to support. Tickets start at just $20 (less for students).